You see a young man resting by the Oasis. "Stranger, it has been rumoured that years ago a powerful shield was buried within these sands. My father dedicated his life to finding it, however he recently passed away. I would be honoured if you would continue the search"


"Before he passed from this world, he was searching within the Elya Plains South. He also mentioned something of an order, however this is all I know."

(In Elya Plains South touch all the skulls in order that gas comes out)

You discover another skull. You see a locked chest beside it, however there doesn't appear to be any way to open it.

As you touch the skull. A gas is release, however instead of dissipating, it begins to swirl around the chest. A few minutes elapse. As the gas finally clears, you see the chest has opened. Inside lies a green coloured shield. You take it from the chest.


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