Recruiting Link Edit

The 'FallenSword Link' enables you to introduce the game to your friends and family and in return we'll award you with FallenSword Points for free which can be used to upgrade your character and guild. (A list of upgrades can be seen here).

For each friend you refer to the game, as they level up you will receive the following rewards...

Recruit reaches level 25: 2
Recruit reaches level 50: 6
Recruit reaches level 75: 10
Recruit reaches level 100: 15
Recruit reaches level 150: 20

So for each friend you invite to join Fallen Sword, you can potentially gain a massive 53 FallenSword Points to upgrade your own character with!

Note: If a player on the same IP address as you uses your recruitment link you will not be awarded any Fallen Sword Points for that recruit (and they will not be added to your Recruiting list in your profile). You will also not be awarded any Fallen Sword Points if the recruit is on the same IP address as you when the reward is due to be given out.

Example Edit

For example if you let other persons create a account with the link ( of player X. Than the player x will get 2 FSP when the new player gets to level 25, 6 FSP when he reaches 50, 10 when 75, 15 when 100 and 20 when 150. So player X has earned 53 FSP when his recruited person gets level 150+.

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