You see a hunched figure dressed in robes cowering from the intense heat.

As you get nearer the man, he straightens up and reaches for you, 'I have been charged by the Abbot to cleanse the area of evil, but the hold of Undead is so tight, I cannot hope to bring light to this region. Kill 15 Vampires and bring me a Rune of Health.

The Monk waves as you return, \'Have you slain the Vampires and acquired a Rune Of Health?\'

The Monk takes the precious rune from you, 'I have been feeling the heat ever since I came here, this will help. Please continue the purge of the area and slay 15 Skeletal Mages, and collect 1 of the Infernus Armor.

The heat of this place is draining your very step, your amour is singed by stray embers from the lava flows swirling round the narrow rocky path, as well as from the Skeletal Mages fire balls. The Monk strides confidently up to you, \'The foul Skeletal Mages are defeated and you have an Infernus Armor?\'

Upon Completion:

The Monk takes the Armor from you, 'I know that this might have a sinful origin, but we can use a tool of darkness for good. Thank you for all your help, I can now travel in safety now the Undead are thinned in numbers.' You gain 510 XP and 1500 gold.


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