Information Edit



  • Kill 10 Natives
  • Kill 1


  • Goldicon
  • XP
  • 1 Stinking Rat Brew

Details Edit

You see a Guard in Full uniform wandering about aimlessly.

"The Guard at first looks you up and down, then relaxes 'You're an adventurer type aren't you, I'm a Guard from the Trader Outpost just south of here, look there if you're in the market for a job. I should be at my post, but I got to cull these rats. Don't know why they are so many of them all of a sudden!" (You gain 10 XP)"

As you enter the Trader Outpost you see a scholar sitting dejectedly on a large traveling trunk

The scholar looks up at you. Hope flashed in his eyes, 'You! - You look like you can handle yourself. I've been sent here to study the local Native customs, but they have gone berserk for some reason. Would you look in their camp an find out whats wrong with them? You will need to prove yourself worthy of their time. The camp can be found east of here' (Gain 10 XP)

You are not worthy to talk with us. Return once you have slain 10 Natives!

After your final opponent falls, the rest of the Natives back away from you. A Tall Man with a bright headress raises his hand and walks up to you. The man stands before you, proud with an aura of power emanating from him. 'You have proven yourself a brave Warrior and worthy to enter the village. We are overrun by these foul rats, speak with the Medicine Man within our Village.' (Gain 200 XP)

The Scholar calls it a camp, but it is so much more than that, now you see it up close. Log built cabins surround a blazing central fire, whilst the Natives go about their business all around you. One man does not avert his eyes when you look in his direction, but stares back knowingly.

The Medicine Man looks through rather than at you. 'Warrior, you are here to find the source of our restlessness? A child found this fetish within our Village, we know not what it is. He shows you a strange doll-like thing with a small elongated skull. Maybe you can find out?' You nod, the Scholar in the Traders Outpost might know something of this fetish. (Gain 10 XP)

You re-enter the Trader Outpost and find the Scholar still sitting on his trunk. Upon seeing you he leaps to his feet and runs excitedly toward you. \'Have you news?\'

The Scholar stares off into the middle distance, then his gaze suddenly snaps on you. 'Sounds like a Goblin artifact, the only people around here who know of local Goblins would be the Rangers. They have a Tower north east of here I'm told - they will tell you all about local Goblins.' (Gain 10 XP)

A squat stone tower sits defiantly in the snow. Light streams out a thin arrow slit.

You enter the tower. (Gain 10 XP)

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